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Russian as a foreign language

Studying Russian language and improvement of the language knowledge in Russia has a number of advantages due to the fact that all the teachers are not only highly qualified professionals but also native-speakers. Moreover, while living and studying in Russia students have an opportunity to plunge into the language atmosphere, which facilitates the process of studying.

GBC has a special department of Russian as a foreign language that offers various programs, types and methods of teaching. They include differentiation according to the language level (beginners' to advanced level) as well as according to the aspects of studies. The selection of the course is based on the language level and preferences of the students which maintains the individual approach to everyone.

Course Prices

Number of students Price (RUS roubles/month) Price (RUS roubles/45 min.) Number of classes per month /week/
a mini-group of 2 students 6500 406 16 /4/
individual classes - 1500 individual classes
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